music is math

hello (ಠ益ಠ)

I'm Eline, 24, from the Netherlands & an English teacher / software engineer.

I have the cutest cat in the world <3

some stuff I like: ableton (Live 9 yo), mountain dew, the smiths, Friends (the tv show), collecting (retro)games & consoles, my gibson, The American Dollar, browsing the interwebs, memphis may fire, ordering american food online, reading, tea, finding a rare game when not expected, Age of Empires online, modding gameboys, documentaries about the galaxy, coursera, steam sales, and probably more.

this blog is mostly game related but i basically post/reblog anything that catches my eye.


xbl: elineDAGGERS

steam: ATAPORT

skype: elineDAGGERS

facebook: eline.vanden

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Great music already #RCEurope #retrocollective #megadrive #asterix

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