music is math

hello (ಠ益ಠ)

I'm Eline, 24, from the Netherlands & an English teacher / software engineer.

I have the cutest cat in the world <3

some stuff I like: ableton (Live 9 yo), mountain dew, the smiths, Friends (the tv show), collecting (retro)games & consoles, my gibson, The American Dollar, browsing the interwebs, memphis may fire, ordering american food online, reading, tea, finding a rare game when not expected, Age of Empires online, modding gameboys, documentaries about the galaxy, coursera, steam sales, and probably more.

this blog is mostly game related but i basically post/reblog anything that catches my eye.


xbl: elineDAGGERS

steam: ATAPORT

skype: elineDAGGERS

facebook: eline.vanden

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madasrabbitz replied to your post “15 inch laptop or 17 inch laptop? ughghghh”

Ik zou voor 15 gaan…

why.. (ik ga hem alleen thuis gebruiken)

15 inch laptop or 17 inch laptop? ughghghh

chewbacca91 asked: I would love to be your friend, so we can play some video games. By the way awesome blog


thank you :-) we can be friends! and play games!

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